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Perfect for the individual wanting to learn more about their personal credit profolio 

Our Personal Credit Analysis is a comprehensive 15-page review of your credit report from all major credit bureaus and a detailed 32-page financial report to help you outline where you currently stand with your financial goals. Our team of experts will identify any errors or inaccuracies on your report and work with you to dispute them. With this audit, you'll have a clear understanding of your credit score and what steps you can take to improve it. Plus, with improved credit, you'll have better access to funding options for your personal and business needs. Trust us to help you achieve financial success with our Personal Credit Audit.

Additionally, if you decide that you would like to hire our firm, we offer affordable credit restoration services with weekly 1:1 financial coaching sessions, and credit building opportunities for the duration of your credit journey with ALCC. 

Ask About Our Referral Program And See How Your Flex Program Can Be Paid Off In Full! Refer 5 indivisuals who sign contracts for our credit services and have your membership fees waived after your 5th referral.

** Split Payment Plans Are Available In Addition To Financing Options with Split It, Sezzel, Paypal, and Klarna (soft credit check may apply with financing options, Split Payment Plans will accure a $50 fee for reoccuring processing fees)

Save Yourself Time, Energy, and Money With Our Abundant Method SYSTEM

Personal Credit/Financial Audit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Credit Mentee must sign client contract agreement. Failure to attend scheduled meetings, complete assignments, make scheduled payments, upkeeping of their credit mentoring system payments, and applying for new credit prior to the completion of their Credit Flex Program may result in my immediate removal from the Credit Flex Program under the supervision of Abundant Living Consulting Corp (ALCC).

    All sales are final, due to the customization of product, intellectual properties & services of our consulting firm.

  • If you should have any problems, questions, or concerns please contact us in your dedicated communication thread inside ALCC's app or email us at

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