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            Business Credit

In this meeting, we will discuss the establishment of Business Credit, 3-5 Trade Line accounts (depending on the business industry), Personal Credit Analysis, & Strategic Credit Coaching Sessions. 

This service is 
perfect for beginning the journey towards business lending, funding, and banking solutions. Remove the negative markers connected to your business account to help you fund your business.

Learn the secrets

to building your business credit

Credit is something that is NOT TAUGHT TO US, let alone business credit...


To help our business owners build their companies faster and more efficiently, we offer a business credit establishment package. With this service, we aid in removing the negative markers connected to your business profiles and build your business paydex scores to help you acquire funding faster!

When starting your business, you need to also open your business credit profile - as it does NOT build credit age when you incorporate; these are two separate steps.

Having a 80-100 business paydex score in addition to having a minimum of a 720 personal credit score will help you to unlock business funding to include: Capital Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Business Credit Cards, and other funding solutions. Making it easier to grow and scale your business. 

Lastly, having proper financial records and accounting practices will be critical to accessing to higher limits. Ask about our bookkeeping and accounting services when you schedule your business credit consultation as these two financial services go hand in hand with business development and financial organization of your companies growth and expansion. 

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