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Accelerate your learning and development with a strong foundation in the BUSINESS and FINANCE industries


How We Help Grow Your Educational Development.

ALCC's Internship Program is designed to provide students with an opportunity for a meaningful career-related experience in a variety of organizational settings.


Steps For Effective

Business Development

Description: At Abundant Living Credit Counseling (ALCC), our internship program focuses on various critical sectors of finance and business development. Areas of focus include bookkeeping, accounting, personal and business credit, financial consulting, business consulting, retirement planning, insurance, and tax planning. This program is designed to give you a real-world insight into the finance industry and prepare you for a successful career.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Qualifications: Candidates are required to have at least a High School Diploma (Associate's Degree Preferred) OR a relevant professional license (PMP, CPA, CFP, EA, LIFE, HEALTH, MEDICARE, SERIES 6, 63, 65, 26, MLO). A background check is mandatory for all applicants to ensure the integrity and safety of our financial operations.

  • Skills: We look for individuals who are eager to learn, adaptable, and have a strong ethical foundation in business and financial practices.


Application Process

  • Steps to Apply: Interested candidates should fill out our online application form. Selected applicants will be contacted for a formal interview to discuss their fit with ALCC.

  • Deadlines: Applications must be submitted by June 1, 2024.


Internship Structure

  • Duration and Timing: The internship lasts between 3-6 months, with the potential for extension or transition into a full-time role. Interns typically work from a flexible schedule from 11 AM to 6 PM in a virtual setting.

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Interns will engage in a variety of tasks across our service areas, contributing to real client projects and internal operations.


Benefits and Compensation

  • Compensation: While the internship is not paid, interns can earn commissions on transactions they facilitate, varying by service type.

  • Professional Development: Interns will have full access to ALCC’s events, seminars, and workshops, with opportunities to obtain professional licenses in various business and finance areas. 

    • PMP

    • EA

    • Bookkeeping

    • Credit (Personal & Business)

    • CFP

    • Life

    • Health

    • SIE

    • Series 6, 63, 65, 26

    • MLO

    • Real Estate Broker​


Future Opportunities

  • Career Pathway: Exceptional interns may be offered full-time positions based on their performance, growth, and overall contribution to the firm. Factors like attendance, productivity, and dependability play crucial roles in these decisions.

What Will You Learn As An Intern

Services That MATCH Your Degree/Licensing Education

We're experts in helping start-up & intermediate business owners scale to become profitable 6-7 figure companies.

Funding Solutions                                Financial Coaching                                Basics of Entrepreneurship

Business Credit                                   Accounting & Bookkeeping                     90-Day Business Coaching
Tax Filing & Planning                           HR & Admin Management                      Registered Agent  
SOP, Policy & Procedures                    Payroll & Benefits                                   Business Legal Essentials  

How You Will Help Serve Our Clients

Services That TEACH You How To Be A Financial Expert

We're passionate about helping families understand where they are and helping them to get to where they want to be!

Personal Credit                                    Life & Health Ins                                     Child Savings / Estate Planning
Personal Taxes                                     Business Establishment                         Retirement Planning
Financial Counseling                            Tax Planning                                          Homeownership / Finance Coaching
Auto, Home, Renters Ins                      Estate / Trust Establishment                   Mortgage Insurance / Lending

Our Internship Program Are Broken Down Into Two Categories: Business And Finances

Interns at Abundant Living Credit Counseling (ALCC) would have the opportunity to learn about a diverse range of topics within the business and finance sector. Here are key areas an intern may learn about while working with ALCC:

1. Business Establishment and Development

  • Understanding Business Structures: Learn about different business structures and what makes sense for various types of businesses.

  • Business Strategy: Gain insights into strategic planning, business model development, and long-term sustainability.

  • Market Analysis: Learn to analyze market trends and consumer behavior to better position a business in its industry.

2. Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • Financial Record Keeping: Understand the importance of accurate bookkeeping and its impact on business.

  • Financial Reporting: Learn how to prepare financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

  • Compliance: Gain knowledge of financial regulations and standards to ensure compliance.

3. Personal and Business Credit

  • Credit Management: Understand how to manage and improve credit scores for individuals and businesses.

  • Credit Analysis: Learn the criteria used to evaluate the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses.

  • Impact of Credit on Financing: Understand how credit affects the ability to secure loans and other forms of financing.

4. Financial Consulting

  • Client Assessment: Learn to assess clients' financial situations and identify their needs.

  • Financial Planning: Gain experience in creating personalized financial plans that cater to client goals and resources.

  • Risk Management: Understand the principles of risk assessment and management in financial planning.

5. Business Consulting

  • Operational Efficiency: Learn how to analyze and improve business operations to increase efficiency.

  • Change Management: Gain skills in managing organizational change and guiding businesses through transitions.

  • Business Performance Metrics: Understand how to measure business performance using key indicators.

6. Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Needs Analysis: Learn how to determine the financial needs of clients preparing for retirement.

  • Investment Strategies: Gain knowledge of different investment options suitable for retirement savings.

  • Estate Planning: Understand the basics of estate planning and its importance in retirement preparation.

7. Insurances

  • Types of Insurance: Learn about various types of insurance, including life, health, and liability, and their importance.

  • Policy Analysis: Understand how to analyze insurance policies to best meet the needs of individuals or businesses.

  • Risk Coverage: Learn to evaluate what risks are covered and how to choose the right coverage.

8. Tax Planning

  • Tax Laws: Gain knowledge of current tax laws and how they impact individuals and businesses.

  • Tax Strategies: Learn strategies for minimizing tax liabilities while complying with the law.

  • Filing and Documentation: Understand the processes involved in tax preparation and filing.

By engaging in these learning areas, interns at ALCC can build a comprehensive foundation in financial services, which is crucial for any professional aiming to excel in the business and finance industry.


We Are Happy To Have You!

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