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90-Day Business Coaching Program

A customized 90-Day Business Coaching Program, we will outline your 3, 6, 9, and 12-month business and financial goals with clear and attainable goals and action plans.

This program is perfect for the business owner wanting additional coaching and support. You will receive 1:1 weekly coaching calls, financial coaching, and business structure planning. Each program is customized and based off the needs of the owner and their business goals. 

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Topics We Help You With

Our Business Is To Make Your Legacy SHINE!

We wanted to BE the coaches, mentors, and consultants we didn’t have when we began our first businesses.

There are so many components to entrepreneurship and business management, our vision is to see more local businesses KEEP their doors open for longer than 3 years. The statistics show that 82% of start-up businesses close shop due to financial hardships and lack of business coaching.

Our mission is to bridge the gap in entrepreneurship management & success.


Our Elite Full-Service Suite Gives

Owners A One-Stop-Shop Experience

With Dedicated Coaching 

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