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Credit Consultation

In this meeting, we identify your personal, or business credit needs, and review pricing, and packages. We focus on the root cause of poor credit through financial literacy, financial planning, and accountability coaching. Every client is paired with both a licensed financial professional and a credit specialist for the duration of their Flex Program.

Learn the secrets

to building your credit

Credit is often not taught in traditional education, which can leave many individuals at a disadvantage. To bridge this gap, ALCC has partnered with Credit FLEX Technologies to offer their innovative Flex Program. This program is designed to help you learn the essential skills needed to restore, build, and maintain your credit. By improving your credit, you can effectively purchase assets and increase your net worth.

Our Credit Restoration Services Include:

  • Credit Analysis: Comprehensive review of your credit reports to identify areas for improvement.

  • Customized Action Plan: Tailored strategies to address your unique credit challenges and goals.

  • Education and Resources: Access to educational materials and resources to understand credit management.

  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support and guidance from our credit specialists to ensure long-term success.

  • Progress Tracking: Regular updates and progress reports to keep you informed and motivated.

Stop the cycle of credit pitfalls and build your legacy the right way. Watch our informational video to learn more about how our credit restoration services can benefit you.

For more information, visit our partner at Credit FLEX Technologies. Start your journey to financial freedom today with ALCC and Credit FLEX Technologies. Click Here To Watch Our Educational Video

Looking To Purchase?

Join our Flexx To Homeownership Program

Are you looking to purchase your dream home? Our Flexx to Homeownership Program is designed to make the journey to homeownership smooth and efficient, with results in just 45 days*!

Program Benefits:

  • Credit Restoration Assistance: Improve your credit score with our expert guidance and support.

  • Dedicated and Vetted Realtors: Work with experienced realtors who are committed to finding the best home for you.

  • Down Payment Assistance Credits: Access credits that can help reduce your down payment, making your home purchase more affordable.

  • Home Inspection Discounts: Benefit from discounts on home inspections to ensure your new home is in perfect condition.

  • 20-Year Financial Plan: Receive a detailed financial plan that helps you pay off your home purchase investment sooner, setting you up for long-term financial success.

Complete our program and enjoy cash back rewards towards the purchase of your new home. Let us help you achieve your homeownership dreams!

For more details, visit our Flexx to Homeownership Program page.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on the financial standing of the applying consumer.

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