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This package is great for having direct access to licensed & professional council for your legal contracts and business documents with your business; It Includes:


  • Monthly Document Reviews
  • Set of 3, Limit 3
  • Limits refresh every month and do not carry over.
  • Includes document review, revision recommendations, and/or consultation review.
We offer two options for this service
1) $500 One-Time-Fee + tax & fees, with 3 document reviews - valid for 60 days OR

 2) A retainer of $400 a month + tax & fees, for businesses who require multiple document reviews; set of 3 and refresh monthly, but do not carry over.


Everything you will need to plan and prepare your business documents legally.

**Once Paid-In-Full: Please allow 24-48 hours for processing, our firm will send you an email to begin your Monthly Retainer for Business Document Review, and upon completion, we can promptly start your services with our firm.

Participating clients must process a "Document Review Form" for each document needing to be reviewed; once processed, our office will review and schedule a consult once completed. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our office.

Save Yourself Time, Energy, and Money With Our Abundant Method SYSTEM

Document Review Monthly Retainer

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
Option One
(Monthly Retainer)
$500.00every month until canceled
Option Two
(Bi-Weekly Payment)
$300.00every 2 weeks until canceled
Option Three
(Weekly Payment)
$200.00every week until canceled
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