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This package is great for organizing your business's finances. Make tracking your business's expenses, spending, and profit statement easy and assessable. 

Allow our firm to properly establish your business's bookkeeping and save you time and money come tax season. We will structure, code, and reconcile your business transactions for you from your business's establishment date to the current calendar year, in addition to, teaching you how to use the software for ongoing usage. 

This Turn-Key Bookkeeping Establishment Package Includes:


  • Software Establishment
  • Software Coding (Automatically Organize and Categorize Business Transactions) 
  • Software Integration (Connects to all of your 3rd party platforms & Most Banking Institutions)
  • Mobile App (Great for tracking milage and receipts)
  • Business Transaction Reconcile (Establishment Date To Current Year, * Depending On How Long The Gap Is (Anything Past a 2-Year Period), Additional Fees May Accrue) 
  • An Array of Business Statements Reports Including Profit & Loss Statements
  • One Month of Accounting Services
  • Software Coaching

** Split Payment Plans Are Available In Addition To Financing Options with Split It, Sezzel, Paypal, and Klarna (soft credit check may apply with financing options, Split Payment Plans will acquire a $50 fee for reoccurring processing fees). Services begin once the package has been paid in full. 

Once Paid-In-Full: Please allow 24-48 hours for processing, our firm will send you an email to begin our Bookkeeping Establishment Package. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our office.

Save Yourself Time, Energy, and Money With Our Abundant Method SYSTEM

Bookkeeping Establishment

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
Split Payment Plan
Option One (Paid Over 2 Months)
$300.00every month for 2 months
Split Payment Option
Option Two (Paid Weekly Over 1 Month)
$150.00every week for 4 weeks
Split Payment Plan
Option Three (Paid Weekly Over 2 Months)
$75.00every week for 8 weeks
  • All sales are final, due to the customization of product, intellectual properties & services of our consulting firm.

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